Business concept

DDM acquires and manages distressed assets in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe with a business model where DDM is partially outsourcing debt collection to external collection agencies and also has access to a portfolio management, business development, servicing and technology platform that it launched during 2019. The outsourced collection procedure is closely monitored to ensure high quality throughout the process. DDM is retaining close relationships with sellers and collectors to secure a steady and attractive deal flow.

Owing to the past fourteen years relationship building with all the major sellers of distressed assets in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe, DDM is today a credible acquirer for many of the top banks active in DDM’s markets. These relations are upheld and improved by frequent visits and extensive contacts with all major sellers, where the whole DDM management team is involved. Part of DDM’s expertise lies in its ability to analyse large portfolios in a relatively short time frame and to evaluate the recovery value of a portfolio. Once the calculation is completed, DDM enters the negotiation or bidding process.

Correct and ethical treatment of debtors is central in DDM’s work and selling banks are very focused on correct debtor treatment. Over the years, DDM has demonstrated an ability to actively control the collection processes performed by the collection agencies.

DDM has established relationships with a large number of debt collection agencies in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe including most local top-tier collection agencies in the markets it operates in.