DDM, DDM Group or the Group
DDM Holding AG and its subsidiaries, including DDM Group AG, DDM Debt AB (publ), and their subsidiaries. 

Annual General Meeting.


Compound annual growth rate.

Net collections and revenue from management fees, less operating expenses.

Certified Adviser
All companies with shares traded on Nasdaq First North Growth Market have a Certified Adviser that monitors the companies’ compliance with the rules and regulations of Nasdaq First North concerning disclosure of information to the market and investors.

Swiss franc, the currency of Switzerland.

Computershare Schweiz
Swiss service provider, Computershare Schweiz AG (formerly SIX SAG AG), takes care of post-trade processes ranging from clearing and settlement through to securities custody, and maintains share registers and special registers.

Czech koruna, the currency of the Czech Republic.

Debt collection agency.

Earnings per share/EPS
Net earnings for the period, attributable to owners of the Parent Company, divided by the average number of shares during the period.

Earnings before interest and taxes.

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation of fixed assets as well as amortization, revaluation and impairment of invested assets.

EBIT margin
EBIT as a percentage of revenue on invested assets, revenue from management fees and share of net profits of joint ventures and associates.

Shareholders’ equity at the end of the period.

Equity ratio 
Equity as a percentage of total assets.

ERC/Estimated Remaining Collections
The sum of future, undiscounted projected cash collections before commission and fees from acquired Portfolios and future reasonably expected dividends, distributions or other payments from investments (not double counting), in each case for the next following 120 months, either directly or as a result of any rights to collect or any rights to participate in amounts generated from Portfolios or investments. This includes the Group's share of proceeds on all Portfolios purchased or other investments made, however adjusted for any profit-sharing arrangements entered into by any member of the Group and where available the market value of any Portfolio acquired or investment made. ERC is not a balance sheet item, however it is provided for informational purposes as a common measure in the debt purchasing industry. ERC may be calculated differently by other companies and may not be comparable.

Refer to the single currency of the participating member states in the Third Stage of European Economic and Monetary Union of the Treaty Establishing the European Community, as amended from time to time.

Euroclear Sweden AB, reg. no. 556112-8074.

Nasdaq First North
Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Stockholm.

DDM’s proprietary IT system, which integrates investment data, case data, payment data and activity data into one effective and comprehensive IT system.

Hungarian forint, the currency of Hungary.

Croatian kuna, the currency of Croatia.

Invested assets
DDM’s invested assets consist of purchases of distressed asset portfolios, investments in joint ventures and associates.


Net collections 
Gross collections from Portfolios held by the Group less commission and collection fees to third parties (but if such Portfolios are partly owned, only taking into consideration such Group Company's pro rata share of the gross collections and commission and fees).

Net debt 
Long-term and short-term loans, liabilities to credit institutions (bank overdrafts) less cash and cash equivalents.

Non-performing loans.

Parent Company
DDM Holding AG, CHE-115906312.

Romanian leu, the currency of Romania.

Serbian Dinar, the currency of Serbia.

Swedish krona, the currency of Sweden.

Southern, Central and Eastern Europe
The countries in EuroVoc’s definition of CEE, plus Greece, Italy and the Baltic states.