Fair debtor treatment  

    We seek to be part of a change in the credit market whereby we initiate opportunities for banks and financial institutions to divest their portfolios of distressed assets to better meet new and future regulations regarding capital adequacy. This, in turn, bolsters the stability of the banking sector by helping avoid artificially inflated balance sheets. By doing this, we not only help banks “cut their losses” vis-à-vis distressed assets, we also alleviate them of the burden of managing and collecting on those assets.
    To manage the acquired portfolios, DDM has a platform of portfolio management servicing for secured corporate receivables that it launched during 2019 and  also partners up with a multitude of outsourced collection agencies in each local market, in order to optimize collections from each portfolio.
    We select partner collection agencies carefully, making sure they apply professional, respectful and ethical methods. We work closely with them to determine which agencies are appropriate for collection on certain assets and what measures are appropriate.
    Respectful and ethical treatment of debtors is central to our efforts and the banks who sell their portfolios to us pay considerable attention to correct treatment of their customers. Over the years, we have demonstrated an ability to actively control the measures and processes implemented by the collection agencies.