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Annual General Meeting 2021

For further information regarding DDM Holding AG's 2021 Annual General Meeting, held on 22 June 2021 please refer to the AGM section of our website at the following link: >>

DDM presentation March 2021

DDM's company presentation is available at the following link: >>

Credit rating

DDM assigned Final "B" Rating with Stable Outlook from Fitch Ratings (Fitch) and S&P Global Ratings (S&P). For further information please see the following link: >>

Why invest in DDM

DDM is an investor in portfolios of distressed assets. The Company was formed in 2007 by individuals who had previously successfully built a similar business. Since inception, the key success factor of DDM has been its sole focus on investments in and management of distressed asset portfolios in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe.

For sellers, portfolios of distressed credits is a sensitive issue as it concerns the relationship with their customers. For sellers of portfolios it is critical that the acquirer handles the underlying individual debtors professionally, ethically and with respect. DDM has longstanding relations with its customers, which has built trust and status as a credible acquirer.

The banking sector in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe is subject to increasingly stricter capital ratio requirements resulting in distressed assets being more expensive for banks to keep on their balance sheets. As a result, banks are increasingly looking to divest portfolios of distressed assets. This trend has been an important growth factor for DDM and the growing opportunities to acquire portfolios of distressed assets are key drivers for DDM’s ambitions to grow, thus creating maximum shareholder value.

IR contact: For more information, please contact Henrik Wennerholm, Chief Executive Officer:
Telephone: +41 41 766 1420